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FNT Fiber Network Training Course Descriptions


    Fiber Optic Theory & Design introduces fiber basics including how it works, industry terminology, operating conditions, light transmission theory, installation practices, fiber types and classification, LED and Laser technology, network designs and fiber safety in a lecture atmosphere. This course is also available online.

    Fiber Optic Installer combines fiber optic theory and design with basic connector installation practices. Upon completion, the student will be knowledgeable in the theory and applications of fiber installations as well as proficient in basic safety and connector installation practices. If you are new to fiber optics this is the best course to begin your training.

    Fiber Optic Elements is a comprehensive course of new fiber technologies, time saving techniques and cost effective equipment for those who already know the basics of fiber cabled systems. FNT has loaded this three day course with the advanced elements that keep you "the professional technician" on track and a cut above the rest. Project Managers, Project Leads and those aspiring for more, this class was developed for you!


    In Advanced Fiber Optic Technician, you will actually construct a fiber network right in the classroom just as it would look in the field. After this class you will be well prepared for field work as a certified fiber optic technician, capable of handling almost any fiber optic installation project. This is the most popular advanced course offered at FNT and is strongly recommended once you've completed Fiber Optic Installer.

    Certified Test Technician is a two-day highly specialized course providing all the information, testing labs, equipment analysis and problem resolution scenarios necessary to proficiently test and certify installed fiber and copper based networks. Students will learn advanced testing techniques as well as standards for fiber, copper and hybrid based networks.

    Fiber Optic Inspector is designed specifically for job site supervisors of indoor multimode fiber optic cable deployments. This course incorporates fiber inspection, theory and maintenance techniques to find possible errors in indoor cable installations. It also goes in-depth into locating problems in the network that might lessen a signal.


    Fiber Master Journeyman is the highest level of training offered through FNT. This three day course is designed with the most current and advanced techniques available for troubleshooting, locating breaks, and performing emergency fiber restoration and repairs. This course teaches students to face any fiber situation they encounter with confidence and resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

    For any additional information about FNT Fiber Network Training please contact our main offices toll-free at 1‑855‑368‑5855.